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Linz Heritage Angus Grades

Meats by Linz’s state of the art facility is USDA inspected and certified. We make a great effort to go above and beyond the guidelines of the USDA in producing safe, wholesome, and high-quality products. We are proud to offer USDA Prime and Upper 2/3rd’s Choice to consumers for the first time ever.  USDA grading is based on the amount of marbling (intramuscular fat) that is found in beef.  The more marbling, the higher the grade.

Linz Heritage Angus Reserve (High Choice)

“Reserve” is what we refer to as our hand selected upper 2/3rd’s Choice. It is served in Steakhouses around the world and commonly known as “Steakhouse preferred”.


Linz Heritage Angus Prime

Here is where steakhouses set themselves apart from competitors. Only 2% of cattle are graded as USDA Prime Beef at harvest. USDA Prime has the most abundant marbling out of all the USDA grades which makes it the most tender and flavorful. LHA Prime is also breed specific, guaranteeing an exquisite experience with every bite.