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Linz Angus Steak Burgers

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8 - Half-pound (8 oz) Angus burgers

Our most popular steakhouse blend.


8 Half-pound (8 oz) patties
The perfect burger should be juicy and flavorful, not a dry patty that relies on condiments.  Our Linz Angus Burgers deliver an experience that can be found on steakhouse menus around the world.

Pro Tips:
Ground meat has small flecks of fat to give it the juicy experience you desire.  In order to keep this patty juicy, make sure it stays cold until just before it's ready to hit the grill or pan.  Sitting out to room temp will slowly melt those pieces of fat and result in a potentially dry burger.

Just like our Angus steaks, an Angus burger also shines most when hit with some salt.  Try some regular kosher salt or even your favorite steak seasoning blend to experiment!