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Aged to perfection, USDA certified, genuine Black Angus
from Meats by Linz and the Linz Heritage Angus program.
Experience in your own home the most sought after PRIME
and Dry Aged cuts by top chefs from around the world.

The Linz Difference

Conception to Plate and the 4th generation family owned and operated Meats by Linz. From master butchers to perfected wet and dry aging - learn what makes Linz the unprecedented home delivery experience.

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Cowgirl Bone In Ribeye Steak USDA Prime image

2 pc | 18 oz. each#LHA-22922


Availability: In Stock

The High Roller image

6 pc tenderloin filets | 4 pc boneless strip steaks | 4 pc boneless ribeye steaks#LHA-81100


Availability: In Stock

Double Cut Ribeyes image

2 pc | 20 oz. each#LHA-22147


Availability: In Stock

Bavette Steak image

4 pc | 10 oz. each#LHA-22294


Availability: In Stock

The Ultimate Dry Aged Beef

Second to none. Linz sets the bar when it comes to Dry Aged Beef. With one of the largest dry aging rooms in the country and a reputation with the world's top chefs, this is the ultimate in dry aged beef.

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Dry Aged Favorites

Best Sellers

Linz Heritage Angus Seasoning image

1 container | 5.2 oz.#LHA-22002


Availability: In Stock

Bone-In Tenderloin Filet USDA Prime image

4 pc | 12 oz. each#LHA-22004


Availability: In Stock

Tenderloin Filet USDA Prime image

6 pc | 8 oz. each#LHA-22006


Availability: In Stock

Bone-In Ribeye Steak USDA Prime image

2 pc | 20 oz. each#LHA-22020


Availability: In Stock

Premium Seafood

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