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The Linz Difference
What started back in 1963 as a small family-owned butcher shop on the south side of Chicago has evolved into the country's premier independent meat purveyor. Chances are, some of the timeless and well-known steakhouses in your city are using Linz Heritage Angus beef today. Steaks and chops that have become recognized by top chefs from around the world. Chefs who import this next level beef to 16 countries.

So what makes this beef so unique? Why is it better than the rest? It's thanks to a unique combination of our own Linz Heritage Angus genetics and 4 generations of Linz butchering and aging knowledge.
When we talk about the Linz Difference, we're talking about an Angus beef program that no other purveyor can provide. A program with a story that utilizes the best Angus genetics in the world.

Simply put, this is our passion. We proudly remain family owned and our values of consistency, quality and integrity show in everything we do here. Welcome... and please, enjoy the Linz experience.
Conception to Plate is what Linz Heritage Angus is all about and it's one of the most crucial factors that separate your average steak from the mouth-watering Linz experience at a top steakhouse. Conception to Plate means full control from the source. It's the real way of understanding where your beef comes from and the only way to produce truly consistent beef. 

While many purveyors source their beef from anywhere they can, Linz Heritage Angus stays with the tried and true genetics of our very own herd. Years of searching and hard work to build one of the best Angus herds in the world has resulted in consistently high performing beef - beef that is in demand by the world's top chefs.

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