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Understanding Wet and Dry Aging

All steakhouse worthy cuts are aged, whether it be Wet Aging or Dry Aging.

Wet Aged beef is sealed and vacuum packed to lock in and enhance flavor by letting the meat’s enzymes break down in its natural juices. Meats by Linz wet ages for a minimum of 21 days to ensure excellent flavor and tenderness.

Dry Aging has been around for centuries and until the middle part of the 20th century, was the main aging process used by butchers.  Dry aging involves storing beef in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment. By doing this and keeping track of the amount of days a piece of meat is aged, we are able to control the decomposition of the enzymes within the meat, giving the meat a tender texture and enhanced flavor. The flavor will often be described as rich, buttery, earthy or nutty.


"I have had the the pleasure of working with and watching Meats by Linz grow and evolve in the midst of an era of unprecedented steakhouse growth. The team at Meats by Linz consistently provides me with the highest quality beef that is always precision cut.

- Craig Couper, Executive Chef, Michael Jordan's Steakhouse