Dry Aged Beef

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The World's Best Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef has been around for centuries and until the middle part of the 20th century, dry aging was the main aging process for beef. Dry Aging beef is the process of laying out a piece of beef, predominantly middle meats such as ribeyes, striploins, and shortloins, in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment. By doing this and keeping track of the amount of days or weeks a piece of meat is aged, we are able to control the decomposition of the enzymes within the meat itself which in turn makes the meat more tender and enhances the flavor. The dry aging process gives it a more intense flavor profile and adds to the tenderness, but also shrinks the piece of beef due to evaporation of water inside the muscle tissue.

Dry Aged Beef from Meats by Linz is all about customer preference. Some of the beef that we dry age has a light age of 2 weeks and some customers ask that we dry age their product for up to 85 days and beyond. The longer the age, the more water loss from the muscle tissue occurs, resulting in more tender meat with an enhanced flavor profile. If you are at one of the many restaurants, steakhouses, country clubs, or casinos that Meats by Linz supplies, ask your server if they have any Meats by Linz Dry Aged Beef on the menu!

Different USDA Grades of Dry Age Meats by Linz primarily only dry ages using USDA Prime and Upper 2/3s Choice product. These two grades of beef perform very well when dry aged. As the muscle tissue shrinks, the fat to muscle ratio is increased which adds to the flavor profile of the cut of meat. Since these two grades are the most abundant with marbling (fat within the muscle tissue) it creates the best quality product after dry aging and shrinking the volume of the muscle tissue.

LHA Reserve Age Beef

LHA Reserve Dry Aged Linz Heritage Angus Reserve beef is nothing short of spectacular. Our LHA Reserve is hand selected upper 2/3rd’s Choice. It is served in Steakhouses around the world and commonly known as “Steakhouse Preferred”.

LHA Prime Age Beef

LHA Prime Here is where you will find steakhouses set themselves apart from competitors. Only 2% of cattle are graded as USDA Prime Beef at harvest. USDA Prime has the most abundant marbling out of all the USDA grades which makes it the most tender and flavorful before even being dry aged.