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LINZ Loaded Mashed Potatoes 1.5 lbs | Serves 5

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LINZ Loaded Mashed Potatoes 

1.5lbs | Serves 5

Elevate your mashed potato experience with a rich and indulgent creaminess. Our gourmet recipe ensures that every bite is infused with luxurious flavor and texture. The bacon adds a smoky richness, turning a classic side into a gourmet delight. A touch of chives adds a burst of freshness, creating a balanced flavor profile that complements the richness of the mashed potatoes and cheese.


How to Enjoy: Indulgence without the fuss. Simply heat in your oven or air fryer and serve for a side dish that steals the spotlight. Perfect for weeknight dinners, holiday feasts, or any occasion where gourmet comfort is desired meal.