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Linz Heritage Angus USDA Prime Boneless Strip Steak Dry Aged 14 oz | 4 pc

Linz Heritage Angus

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Boneless Dry Aged Strip Steak | Linz Heritage Angus USDA Prime Dry Aged

14 oz | 4 pc

A steakhouse favorite dry aged to perfection in our state-of-the-art dry-gaining facility. The process of dry aging allows us to control the decomposition of the enzymes within the meat itself, which in turn creates a more tender bite and enhanced flavor profile. The flavor profile is reminiscent of woodsy, nutty, and mushroom flavors. These Dry-Aged Boneless USDA Prime Strip steaks are wet-aged for up to 35 days to ensure excellent flavor and tenderness before they start the dry aging process. All of our dry-age products have an average of 28 days of dry-aging.

Strip steak is cut from the strip loin of our cattle (part of the short loin). This section of our cattle produces an extraordinary balance of tenderness and flavor. We only source our Linz Heritage Angus beef from our herd of cattle to ensure the highest quality beef - perfecting our breeding techniques, providing a safe environment that honors the animals' quality of life, and finishing our cattle on the best corn feed.

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